About Yala Eco Safari

We are a family-run business based in Tissamaharama that was established in 1977. We now have nearly 40-years experience leading safaris, tours and birdwatching expeditions across Southern Province.

After spending a decade running safaris on my own, my two sons started to get involved in the late 1980's first as helpers, opening the jeep doors for tourists and telling people to mind their heads if a tree branch came into view. For the past two decades they have both owned their own jeeps and today we work together as a family unit.

Sri Lanka has experienced many changes over the past 40-years, but the beauty of its national parks and abundance of wildlife has not altered. We invite you to come and share it with us.


I have spent 40-years showing tourists around our national parks but I never tire of the wonderful scenery and animals, which roam through them. There have been many highlights over the years including the time I was staying at a park bungalow and walked out to find what I thought was a man sitting in a chair on the balcony. It was a sloth bear.

I also once saw five leopards all sitting in the same tree during mating season.


I have been working with my father for 20-years now and am passionate about animals. In the past I have also worked on conservation projects helping to tag elephants and once spent an entire day looking after an injured baby elephant, which couldn't walk. The tracker and I fed it water and leaves while one of the other drivers went back to find help and then transport it to the elephant orphanage.

These days more and more Chinese tourists are coming to Sri Lanka so I have been learning the Mandarin names of all the birds and animals too.


I have been working with my father and brother for 19-years ever since completing my A-levels at school. When I am not conducting safaris I also work as a project officer at a local environmental and educational NGO based in Tissa. One of my favourite tasks is taking local school children on trips around Sri Lanka so they can visit their own country too.

As well as English, I can point out the birds and animals in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.