Half day : $50

Full day : $100

Weerawila Birdwatching

The region's ancient historical pedigree means it is covered in tanks – built by Sri Lankan kings about 2,000 years ago. According to local legend, the kings wanted the rain coming down from the mountains to pay tribute to them before running off into the sea. More likely it is because the area around Hambantota is situated in the dry zone.

But the tanks now provide a scenic backdrop and habitat for many types of migratory and endemic birds. Our birdwatching expeditions can be tailored to your requirements, but we generally suggest a 6am or 6.30am pick-up depending on the light.

Stops can include Tissa tank, Debarawewa tank, Pannegamuwa tank, Weerawila tank and Yodakandia tank.

The kinds of birds you might see include water birds such as purple coots, five types of kingfisher, grey herons and crested hawks. Rarer birds include black or yellow bitterns. If you are lucky you may also catch a fishing cat having its morning drink.

We can provide tea, coffee and snacks on request.