Half day : $50

Full day : $100


Yala has the widest variety of animals in Sri Lanka and its lack of dense jungle makes them easy to spot. Leopards abound and if you’re lucky you will catch one sunning itself on a rock, or eating its prey up a tree.

The park is also famous for its sloth bears. Late spring is a good time to catch them when their favourite palu fruit is in season. But they’re also active in late autumn during the rainy season when they find it much easier to suck termites out of their mounds.

Yala is also home to about 150 elephants and many different varieties of birds including critically endangered species such as the black-necked stork.

The park has five zones of which zones one and two are accessible from Tissa, while zone three is a protected habitat and zones four and five can be entered from the east of Sri Lanka.

We run full or half-day safaris and can combine them with overnight camping. For the half-day safari’s you’ll spend about three-and-a-half hours inside the park and can eat breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack either by the river or on the beach close to a memorial dedicated to the 2004 Tsunami. We can provide meals and binoculars, or you can bring your own.

The full day safari begins around 5am and finishes around 5pm. Breakfast and lunch will alternate between the river and the beach. You can also camp inside or outside the park and we can arrange a BBQ for you too.